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Full Metal Alchemist 100
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This is a community I based off of shadowhearts100, which is the Shadow Hearts version. Bascially it is 100 drabble and short stories, that are based off of a theme or word. The limit least amount of words is 100, you can go up to 200, but the idea of the challenge is 100 words. But if you go over a little, you will not be penalized. ^-^

Anyone is welcome to join, but this is a community for FullMetal Alchemist fans. There are no rules about what to write about. You can write just about anything, all I ask is that if it is anything over PG-13, I suggest giving a warning and putting it behind a LJ-cut. There is no limit to how many drabbles you can writ based on one theme, as long as when the theme has changed that you change as well. Also, if there are spoilers, please give a warning and put behind a LJ-cut. This is for those who may not have seen it, although I would think most people would alredy know. But just to be safe, please put behind a cut.

The only real rule I have is that you be respectful of other peoples writings, I do not want peoples feelings getting hurt, or else I will have to start getting strict, and frankly, thats just more work that I don't really feel like dealing with.